Did you know……

  • In New York State, over 750 agencies provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Of these, only 50 also provide mental health services to adults.
  • Of these, only 2 also provide services to people with epilepsy.
  • Of these, only 1 also provides mental health services to children……EPIC Long Island.

EPIC Long Island has a unique role as a services provider in our community as well as beyond the borders of Long Island.   These services include:

  • residential facilities for adults with developmental disabilities;
  • weekday programs onsite and in the community, as well as a Saturday respite program for adults with development disabilities;
  • a community service program that offers Medicaid Service Coordination and Community Habilitation;
  • specialty clinics providing services to children and adults with epilepsy, developmental disabilities and related conditions;
  • offsite clinic services for adults with developmental disabilities throughout Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and Rockland.
  • mental health clinic services for children and adults
  • Epilepsy Community Outreach and Education Program providing training and education to teachers, healthcare professionals, school children and the general public about epilepsy, as well as advocacy and support services.